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Looking For A Child Support Lawyer In Orlando Florida

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At any point a Family in the state of Florida involves a child under the age of eighteen in a divorce case, the issue of child support should be addressed. The law in the state of Florida believes that all children have the right to be supported financially by both parents.

With the help of a professional and experienced Orlando child support attorney, you can gain knowledge about child support guidelines and reduce your confusion in the matter. Additionally, there may also be financial affidavits, income withholding orders, and other factors to consider. With a competent lawyer, you can get an idea of the outcome of the case.

Child support in the state of Florida is significantly based on:

  • The net income of both parents of the child/children.
  • The amount paid for the health insurance and daycare of the child.
  • The total number of overnight visitations that each parent would have.

Fortunately for parents, there are many opportunities for an experienced child support lawyer to be of use. These lawyers could help you get you and your family the best result through the order for child support of your child/children.

The general items that would be included in a child support case would be:

  • A financial affidavit.
  • Child support calculation worksheet.
  • Compliance of both parents with mandatory disclosure of finances.

What about child modification procedures?

There are multiple reasons for modifying child support orders. To be able to calculate child support, the other needs of the child are also addressed. This includes 100% of the childcare costs and 100% of the health insurance costs for the benefit of the child who is a minor. In addition, there are credits given to the parent who directly pays these costs. If either parent of the child reduced these costs or increases the costs, there would be a change in circumstance.
Change in circumstances could go either way for both parents. A few of the substantial changes in circumstances include:

  • Decreased income for the parent who’s paying child support.
  • Increase in income for the parent receiving the child support.
  • Needs of the child decreased. (For example, The child is in school age and doesn’t require full-time care).
  • One of the parents becomes disabled.
  • Prolonged illness of either parent.
  • If the parent who pays child support becomes the parent who spends the majority of his/her time with the child.

It is more often that child support cases can be resolved faster than any other family law related cases. If all financial discoveries have been completed, all parties involved can agree on the circumstances based on the child support guidelines. Your attorney, however, is the person who would be guiding you through the entire procedure.

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