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We are Orlando Divorce & Family Law Attorney’s. If you are searching for a family law attorney, you have come to the right place. Our team’s promise to you is that we will fully immerse ourselves in your issue, we will be available as much as humanly possible including nights, and weekends. Our office is competent, experienced, ready and willing to help you through your legal matters. We will fight relentlessly for our clients cause, and most importantly, we will pick up the phone when they need to speak to with us. We will do anything and everything in our power to guide your case to where it ultimately needs to go. Contact us right now to schedule your one on one consultation.  Every minute wasted is one that could have been used to prepare to win your case!

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Our Orlando Divorce & Family Law Attorneys work towards your future where everyone gets a chance at “Finding Their New Normal”.

Schedule a consultation today with one of our KNOWLEDGEABLE family attorneys to discuss the specifics of your case and to see how we can assist you.  By the end of your consultation, you will have a clear understanding of what will be involved in your case
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Call anytime Monday – Friday between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM or fill out a form below and leave us a detailed message regarding your family law issue and one of our staff members will contact you directly. We look forward to speaking with you! 

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What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

"She was very down to earth. I had called a few before her and they all made me sign papers and wanted all my personal information before helping me. NOT Erin, she got to the point money was not her main objective. She directed me on the right legal path. Thank you again for everything I truly am grateful for your services. God Bless"

Tiffany Buskey

"Erin Morse is by far one of the best attorneys I have ever come in contact with she is highly knowledgeable in what she practices and I assure you you will not be disappointed"

Kayy Mariiee

"Erin Is a Great Family Lawyer in Orlando. Will Recommend her to my friends and family without a hesitation."

Jean Bluty

"She is amazing! I had called around and met with three different attorneys with a similar fee and went with Erin because of her senserity, knowledge base and passion for what she does. She has represented me and she is amazing! I have referred her to who ever asks for an attorney who will get it done."

Christy Manganello

"Mrs. Morse and her team are incredible people. Even when dealing with sensitive matters I was able to laugh and feel better. Not only did her and her team offer me free legal counsel over the phone, Mrs. Morse told me of a colleague of hers that would be able to assist in out-of-state matters. When I asked her what she'd get if I did that she said to me, "at least I get to help someone today... That's what I'm in this business for." I would fully recommend this office to anyone who needs a class act professional with a refreshing breath of empathy"

Nicholas Hoeh

"I am very happy with my choice to have Erin Morse handle my dispute. I highly recommend Erin for any of your legal needs. She is hard working and very knowledgeable as is her entire staff. They explained the process and kept in contact along the way."

Rich Kling

I had an attorney for the beginning of my case and he was useless. I was looking for a second opinion and was referred to Erin Morse by an attorney friend of mine. I was looking for an aggressive female attorney and boy did i find one. She destroyed my wife's "well known" attorney at our hearing. Case resolved on my terms. Spent way less with Erin than my other attorney that did nothing and soaked me... lesson learned. You will not go wrong with Erin, highly recommended.


Erin treats her clients as part of her family is an understatement... She has gone above and beyond my expectations. She has supported me through this difficult time, and has educated me on my rights, she is prompt with responses to text and emails no matter how late at night it is reassuring me that all is well. I love her professionalism, her level of intellect and she is spicy! I am confident in her work and believe in her ability to triumph. I was looking for a smart,confident and aggressive attorney and I got that with Erin. Erin Morse is not in it for the money she is in it for you and your family. Great payment plan options and willing to work through your circumstances. I highly recommend her and already have friends and family seeking her for legal services. Erin is a good person and GREAT lawyer. I appreciate you!





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