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Dealing with a family issue like divorce can be emotionally devastating. On top of that, the legal implications of a divorce can add even more stress and confusion in an already difficult time. It’s important to seek legal help from an experienced family law firm when these situations arise. The Law Office of Erin Morse is dedicated to helping families in Orlando, FL, navigate their complex family law matters.

Our proactive and personalized approach gives our clients a chance to breathe and prepare for their future without the burden of divorce and difficult family matters weighing them down. Whether your divorce is amicable or you’re embroiled in a contested battle, we’ll develop a strong and creative plan to get you the results you need. Call us today at 407-743-6059 to book an initial consultation with our team.

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Do I Have to Go to Trial for My Divorce?

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When going through a divorce, many people worry about having to go to trial. In most cases, spouses are able to agree on the terms of their separation without taking the issue to trial. This is referred to as an uncontested divorce. The process is typically quicker and less expensive than a contested one since it avoids the need for in-court hearings and the associated costs.

However, if spouses cannot reach an agreement over matters such as property division or child custody, they may have to proceed with a contested divorce. In this case, each spouse will present their position before a judge, who will then make decisions regarding the various issues of contention. Depending on how complex your situation is, a trial can be the most effective way to preserve your rights. This is especially true for business owners getting a divorce. There may be questions about how a business is split in a divorce, including debts. We have experience handling business owner divorces and can help you move forward effectively.

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How Can an Orlando Family Law Attorney Help Me Through a Divorce?

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From negotiating a divorce agreement to arranging child support payments, a family lawyer can provide consistent and directed assistance in navigating the process of disbanding a marriage. The most important role that a family law attorney plays is helping you understand the legal system and ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the divorce proceedings. Depending on the specifics of your case, we can help you with filing paperwork, negotiating parental responsibilities, assisting with the division of property, and more.

It’s important to remember that family law cases have numerous nuances and complexities that require specific knowledge and experience on the part of your family law attorney. This is why it’s essential to put your trust in us to weigh all aspects of your case before presenting you with realistic options for moving forward. On top of handling your divorce, we can also prepare you for the next chapter in life with our estate planning services. We believe in fresh starts, and nothing can give you a clearer, brighter picture of the future quite like a solid estate plan to protect your assets and family moving forward. Get in touch with us today to take one step closer to a new start.


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What are the Keys to Success When Going Through a Divorce?

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Going through a divorce can be an emotionally and financially overwhelming experience. Even those who are looking forward to the dissolution of their marriage may find it difficult to navigate the legal proceedings. Despite the challenges, there are several strategies for making your divorce as successful as possible.

Before getting started with the legal process, it’s important to understand what you hope to gain out of the dissolution of your marriage. Are you hoping for equal access to joint assets? Do you want spousal support from your former partner? A lawyer can provide guidance, but having goals will help you feel in control of your case and make it easier to communicate potential solutions with your former partner and make it easier to communicate with our team about your needs. Divorce doesn’t have to be an insurmountable obstacle. With careful planning and consideration from our team, it is possible to reach a satisfactory resolution while protecting your rights. Call us today to get started.

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Why Choose Us?
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How is Alimony Determined in a Divorce?

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When it comes to family law, alimony is one of the most important parts of a divorce. Alimony is money paid by one spouse to the other spouse in order to help them maintain their lifestyle after the divorce. The amount and duration of alimony varies from case to case and generally depends on the length of the marriage, each spouse’s income, both spouses’ earning potential, any children involved in the divorce, and other financial factors.

In order for a court to determine an appropriate amount of alimony that should be awarded during a divorce settlement, they will take into account several factors, including the age and health of each partner, the expectations of each spouse during the marriage, and any agreements between the two parties. The court may also consider whether one spouse has committed adultery or if a spouse is unable to support themselves due to physical or mental disability. Additionally, if either party can demonstrate evidence of financial need due to low income after divorce proceedings have concluded, alimony may be modified or increased.

Which Experienced Family Law Attorney Should I Trust?

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The Law Office of Erin Morse was founded to assist families with legal issues related to family law. Our experienced team of Orlando family law attorneys provides personalized advice and representation in a variety of matters, including divorce, child custody, alimony, and much more. Our attorneys have extensive experience in family law cases, including business owner divorces, so we understand how stressful and emotional these types of legal disputes can be. We’ll stop at nothing to ensure you understand every step of your legal situation and to protect your rights.

Our Central Florida law office is located near downtown, conveniently located just 2 miles away from Lake Ivanhoe Park, under 2 miles from Amway Center, and less than 2 miles from Lake Eola Park. Orlando International Airport (MCO) is only 14 miles away for easy access! When facing an uphill battle with a divorce or family matter, trust the Law Office of Erin Morse to represent you through it all. Whether you need legal representation or guidance in crafting an estate plan post-divorce, we are here for you. Call us now at 407-743-6059 to schedule an initial consultation with our dedicated and experienced team.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce?

In a contested divorce, spouses disagree on one or more issues related to the dissolution of their marriage, such as child custody, property division, or spousal support. This often leads to court intervention involving negotiations, discovery, and possibly a trial. Contested divorces can be long, expensive, and emotionally draining. In contrast, an uncontested divorce occurs when both parties agree on all aspects of their separation, allowing them to file joint paperwork and avoid court hearings. Uncontested divorces are generally quicker, less expensive, and less emotionally taxing than contested ones.

How is child custody determined in Florida?

Child custody in Florida is determined by considering the best interests of the child. Courts evaluate various factors, including each parent’s ability to provide a stable and nurturing environment, their mental and physical health, the child’s age and developmental needs, and the child’s relationship with each parent. Additionally, courts take into account the parent’s willingness to facilitate and encourage a close, ongoing relationship between the child and the other parent. If appropriate, the court may also consider the child’s preferences. Based on these factors, the court awards either sole or shared custody. Hiring a lawyer to help with this process can be very beneficial.

What goes into a proper estate plan?

A comprehensive estate plan involves several key elements: a will, which outlines how your assets will be distributed upon your death; a durable power of attorney, which designates someone to manage your financial affairs if you become incapacitated; a healthcare proxy, which appoints someone to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so; and a living will, which specifies your preferences for end-of-life care. Additionally, a proper estate plan may include trusts to protect assets, minimize taxes, or provide for specific beneficiaries, such as children or grandchildren.

What are prenuptial agreements?

Prenuptial agreements are legal contracts entered into by couples before marriage that outline how assets and debts will be divided in the event of divorce or death. These agreements can address issues such as property ownership, spousal support, and inheritance rights. By clarifying financial expectations and responsibilities, prenuptial agreements can help prevent disputes and simplify the divorce process if necessary. To be valid, a prenuptial agreement must be in writing, signed by both parties, and entered into voluntarily and with full disclosure of each party’s financial situation.

How is property divided in a divorce?

Property division in a divorce depends on the laws of the state where the divorce is filed. In the state of Florida, assets are divided equitably. In general, this means that assets acquired during the marriage are considered marital property and are divided fairly between the spouses. Factors considered in determining equitable distribution may include the length of the marriage, each spouse’s contributions to the marriage, and each spouse’s financial needs. Separate property, such as inheritances or gifts, remains with the original owner and is not subject to division.

How long does mediation take when getting a divorce?

The duration of mediation in a divorce varies depending on the complexity of the issues involved and the willingness of both parties to negotiate and compromise. Mediation sessions typically last a few hours, but the overall process may require several sessions spread over weeks or months. The goal of mediation is to reach a mutually agreeable resolution, avoiding the time, expense, and emotional stress associated with a trial. The mediator, a neutral third party, helps facilitate communication and guide discussions toward a settlement.

Do we need to go to court if we agree on everything in a divorce settlement?

If both parties agree on all aspects of a divorce settlement, there is usually no need to go to court for a trial. Instead, they can submit their agreement to the court for approval. Once the court approves the settlement, it becomes legally binding. This uncontested divorce process is generally quicker and less expensive than a contested divorce, as it avoids the need for lengthy court hearings and litigation.

How is a business divided in Florida?

In Florida, a business owned during a marriage is typically considered a marital asset and subject to equitable distribution in a divorce. The process involves determining if the business is marital property, valuing it accurately, and then deciding how to divide it. This division could mean one spouse buys out the other’s share, the business is sold and proceeds split, or both spouses continue as co-owners. The aim is to reach a fair distribution based on various factors, like each spouse’s contribution to the business and their future financial needs.