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Our Customer Reviews

I cannot say enough good things about Attorney Morse and her team. They are incredibly professional, quick to respond, and highly knowledgeable. Her paralegal team, especially Patricio, is empathetic, always available, and works tirelessly to keep you updated on the progress of your case. I have recommended Attorney Morse to several people I know and will continue doing so. I thank Attorney Morse and her entire team for working hard to win my case and continuing to help me get the best outcome for my daughter and me.

Michael A.

Patricio was very friendly, kind, fast and efficient. What was taking me two week to do he did in 3 minutes….I’m not exaggerating at all. I would use this law firm and Patricio a million times over (hopefully that isn’t the case). Nonetheless very effective and courteous. Thank you Patricio !!

Greg G.

Thank you to Ms. Morse (PA) and her paralegal team to include Mr. Patricio Solano. This is a family oriented team, honest, professionals and they will always answers your questions and request to the court very quick and diligent. I definitely recommend the Law Office of Erin Morse for any legal matter you may have! Excellent service and I was reading previous reviews before choosing her firm and they were right! It’s a 5 star firm! Patricio is a rock star and he is also attentive and speak Spanish to support the speaking Spanish community and legal needs through Ms. Erin Morse (PA). Thank you!

Fernando C.

Great job , highly recommended lower office. Straight to the point.
Patricio have done great job helping me out on my case taking my calls and answering all my questions and concerns.

Said M.

Attorney Morse is a phenomenal lawyer. I did not win any of the court battles in my divorce until I went to court with Attorney Morse. I even heard the judge ask opposing council if they were sure of what they are asking for because “Attorney Morse is well versed in the law” we’re the judges words. She is not going to waste your money on things that she knows that she cannot win. She cares about her clients and their children and does everything within her power and the law to do what is in their best interest.

Carlos T.

Erin treats her clients as part of her family is an understatement... She has gone above and beyond my expectations. She has supported me through this difficult time, and has educated me on my rights, she is prompt with responses to text and emails no matter how late at night it is reassuring me that all is well. I love her professionalism, her level of intellect and she is spicy! I am confident in her work and believe in her ability to triumph. I was looking for a smart,confident and agressive attorney and I got that with Erin. Erin Morse is not in it for the money she is in it for you and your family. Great payment plan options and willing to work through your circumstances. I highly recommend her and already have friends and family seeking her for legal services. Erin is a good person and GREAT lawyer. I appreciate you!

D D.

The office is super responsive and helped me through a difficult time. They did what is almost impossible fir FL, allowing me to move out of state to take an amazing job and allow for a better life for my children. I watched Erin win my case even when the court lost some of our evidence. That’s like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. The staff and Erin understand and help you do what’s best for children involved in the divorce or other family cases. 10/10 would always recommend and I still use her when issues arise.

Bre C.

I don't usually write reviews, but this one's important to me. Ever heard the phrase, "Consult your attorney"? That always sounded odd to me, because most people I know don't have their own personal attorneys. So when a complicated matter involving the custody of children required us to seek help, we wondered whom we could trust! We turned to REVIEWS, so let me pay it back to the community. Here goes: Erin was awesome. Highly competent, but not cocky. Confident in her expertise, but doesn't bulldoze you with facts and legalese. Asks questions – intuitive ones – and listens well. Her practice seems to be a healthy, positive environment, reflecting her leadership. Erin also CARES. Sure, we were looking for an attorney, not a shoulder to cry on, but in family law, the issues are often deeply personal and painful, and Erin has a rare ability to show sincere empathy while remaining professional and laser-focused on facts, law, preparation and recommendations. Bottom line: NOW we have an attorney!

D H.

I don’t usually leave reviews, but Erin Morse definitely deserves one. If it weren’t for her, I’d still be crying over the status of my divorce right now. She’s everything one could want in a divorce attorney: truthful, aggressive, knowledgeable, creative, kind, and caring. I’ve been dealing a lot with attorneys lately, and all of them should look to Erin for how to do business. I want to leave the most glowing review I can think of, but I can’t find the words to describe how much so she hits it out of the ballpark! You won’t go wrong when you choose Erin!

Sandra I.

Recently on Facebook, I came across a live video of Erin Morse and her office discussing questions on Divorce and Family Law. I was intrigued by the Q&A session and impressed by the knowledge and Erin's expertise in the law. Erin made her audience feel welcome, and the experience she brings to the table made me feel comfortable. This was an enlightening experience, and I would recommend her services wholeheartedly.

Jennifer H.

So grateful to Erin and her team. I had a complex custody case and it was IMPERATIVE that I chose the right attorney as it was my child’s best interest at stake, and all my chips would be going into it.
After researching for weeks, reading reviews on different sites etc I met with Erin 3 DAYS before my court date.

After our initial meeting and speaking with Erin, I was much more confident that I had a chance at getting a just outcome as the other party’s attorney was slandering me in initial petition, and felt that it would be an uphill battle.

Erin is first and foremost Knowledgeable about the law she practices which I think was the real key to getting the outcome we needed. She was aggressive, confident, strategical, and upfront with me throughout the whole process.
At the court proceedings she was an all-star and I couldn’t be happier with her services. Highly recommend to anyone with custody case.

Henry J.

I had to come back and "rewrite" another review because apparently Google only allows you to leave one review. Wow, I really don't even know how to put into words how absolutely proud I am to STILL call Erin MY attorney. Second time she has completely blown me out of the water with how good she is at her job. Erin goes by what is right and by the statutes to a T! She doesn't "guess" or pretend she's knows the laws, she actually DOES! You don't find an attorney like her everywhere. Erin spent a good amount of time with me to make sure she answered every question I had. She is POWERFUL! I can definitely say that I wouldn't want to be on the opposite side of the court room. Erin is 100% the attorney you need. Thank you so much Erin! 9/29/19

Brittany T.

Erin is the best! She took the time to listen to my story and my concerns. Her extensive knowledge allowed her to come up with several strategies to help me with my case and I am impressed by her no nonsense attitude. She is the ONLY call you need to make.

John N.

Working with the Office of Erin Morse has been the most amazing experience Ive had so far. From the quick responses, friendly staff, amazing and knowledgeable attorneys. Carlos Otero (my attorney) was absolutely incredible helping out with everything related to my case and even more helpful with mediation! I was incredibly sattisfied with how hard they fought at mediation for me and even more pleased with the outcome! I would totally recommend this law firm to anyone!

Michael T.

Attorney Erin Morse has a solid team of Law Professionals around her. I was able to consult with Erin personally and always received answers and good advice as they worked on my case. With the help of Attorney Carlos Otero I was able to establish my rights as a father. When I finally had my day in court I was fully prepared and confident and won a very favorable outcome.


After having Erin as my attorney for a few months, I decided to work with a different attorney as I wanted the process to move quicker. A few months later I realized the mistake I had made in leaving her representation. I recommend Erin as she truly cares about her clients and was willing to work within my parameters. She will fight fiercely on your behalf. Thanks Erin!

Chelsea W.

I recently retained the services of the Law Firm of Erin Morse. From the very beginning I was very please with the level of support I received from everyone I had contact with. I had the pleasure of consulting with attorney Carlos Otero. Mr. Otero demonstrated exceptional knowledge in the areas of my concern. He listen to everything I had to say with great patient. At no time was I pressured to retain there services, however without much thought I did retained there services. After a long weekend, I was able to give my situation more thought and decided that there services was not needed at this time. I notified the law firm that following Monday and told them, I changed my mine regarding needing there services. I was concerned that I may be at a lost of my retainer fee. Nevertheless, they understood my situation and quickly started the process of returning my money. I will highly recommend this law firm to friends and family.

Tyrone C.

This law office exceeded my expectations! The staff is professional and friendly. Patricio is amazing! Thank you for your prompt attention, for answering all my questions with patience. I am really grateful and recommend Erin to everyone!


She is amazing! I had called around and met with three different attorneys with a similar fee and went with Erin because of her senserity, knowledge base and passion for what she does. She has represented me and she is amazing! I have referred her to who ever asks for an attorney who will get it done.

Christy M.