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Paternity actions almost always occur as a means to facilitate legal proceedings such as child support, child custody determinations. Another common way for the proceedings to be initiated is when one parent applies for state assistance, in that instance, it prompts the state to step in and seek support on behalf of the minor child in question. Our firm handles a multitude of complicated issues regarding paternity from defending and de establishing paternity, to determining paternity


Paternity in Orlando


What Is Paternity & Why is it Important?

Paternity is defined as the state or condition of being a father. As the mother, you know the child is yours, there is no doubt. Paternity actions arise when parties that were never legally married to each other need to determine who the legal father of a child is. This determination will be used to determine child support, custody, and other parental responsibilities. Either the mother or the father of the child may file the Petition to Establish Paternity of a child.

During the process of establishing Paternity, the court will make decisions on the issues of:

  • Child Custody;
  • Child Support;
  • Child Visitation; and
  • Parental Responsibilities for decision-making.

If the parties are able to reach an agreement with respect to the resolution of these issues, they then they can execute a Parenting Plan. This Parenting Plan signed by both parties is then submitted to the court for the judge’s signature and entry of an order ratifying the same. In some instances, a final hearing is required for finalization of this agreement.

If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the court has to resolve the parties’ differences at a trial at the conclusion of which the Judge will enter a Final Judgment on the issues raised at trial.

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