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Paternity Attorneys in Orlando, FL Upholding Your Rights as a Parent

Being a parent is one of life’s greatest joys. From the moment a child is born, parents experience a deep joy and connection with their little one that is unlike anything else. Parenting brings immense love and fulfillment to life, as well as moments of laughter, fun, and growth.

As a parent, you have the duty to provide the best support and protection for your child. Our skilled attorneys can assist you in safeguarding your parental rights by crafting legally binding agreements that ensure both you and the other parent are responsible for all expenses related to raising the child. In case you need to establish paternity or take legal action against an uncooperative parent, our law firm can offer guidance through the legal proceedings.

The benefits of having our law firm on your side are invaluable when it comes to protecting yourself and your child’s rights as a parent. Our attorneys will make sure that all parties involved understand their rights and obligations so that any decisions made are fair for everyone involved.

Having an experienced paternity lawyer on your side can take some of the stress out of establishing legal parental rights. The Law Office of Erin Morse is dedicated to our clients and ensuring that you remain informed about every step in the process. This way, you can feel confident knowing that your rights as a parent are being upheld throughout the entire process. Call us at 407-743-6059 to have us walk you through the process.

Does an Unmarried Father Have Custody Rights in Florida?

In the state of Florida, an unmarried father has the right to pursue custody rights, but he does not have rights to the custody of the child until paternity is established.

To be recognized as a legal father, an unmarried father in Florida must first establish his paternity. This can be done by signing the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form, which is available at most hospitals after birth or through the Department of Vital Statistics Office. The form is then submitted to the Department of Vital Statistics for inclusion on the child’s birth certificate. However, both parents must sign this form for a father to have rights to his child.

How is Paternity Determined?

Paternity is the legal determination of fatherhood. In order for a man to be legally recognized as the father of a child, paternity must first be established in some way. Often, this is done through genetic testing or genetic counseling.

Genetic testing is one of the most common methods used to determine paternity. This includes a DNA test that compares markers on the mother’s and potential father’s chromosomes to see if they match. If there is a match, then it confirms that the man is likely to be the biological father of the child. However, it’s important to note that these tests are not always 100% accurate and may require additional testing or counseling to reach an official determination.

In some cases, when necessary documents such as birth certificates are unavailable or inaccurate, marriage can also help establish paternity. This occurs when a married couple has a child together, and the husband is listed as the legal father on the child’s birth certificate or other documents. However, if this option isn’t available due to divorce or other circumstances, then further legal action may need to be taken in order to achieve recognition of paternity.

Adoption is another way paternity can be legally determined for children who do not have biological parents at all – or whose biological parents are not able or willing to act in a parental role. Adoption establishes new rights and responsibilities for both parents and their adopted children – and ensures that any future legal disputes related to custody and inheritance will be settled according to state laws regarding adoption rather than those concerning biological parentage.

Why is Determining Paternity So Important?

Determining paternity is an important step in establishing a child’s legal, financial, and emotional rights. When determining paternity, the identity of the father is established, and the rights of both parents are protected. This process also provides legal recognition to fathers who wish to take part in their child’s life.

Determining paternity also sets up documents that secure a financial commitment from fathers, such as child support payments. Without establishing paternity, some mothers may have difficulty getting financial assistance for their children or obtaining health benefits for them since those are typically offered through insurance plans connected to the father’s employment records.

Why Should I Hire a Paternity Lawyer?

Hiring a paternity lawyer is necessary when there are disputes about the legal father of a child. Paternity lawyers provide valuable advice to their clients concerning their rights and obligations as parents. Legal assistance with paternity cases may include advice on any applicable laws related to establishing paternity.

The qualified attorneys at the Law Office of Erin Morse can assist in all aspects of establishing legal paternity. Our experienced attorneys can help clients understand the requirements for filing for a paternity action, the potential consequences and implications of establishing paternity, and any other related issues that arise. We will provide you with knowledgeable advice on how to best protect your parental rights while also ensuring that the child’s best interests are taken into consideration. By calling us today at 407-743-6059, you will be working with an experienced paternity lawyer who understands the best practices so that you have peace of mind that your interests are being looked after.