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Wills Attorneys in Orlando, FL, Putting the Future at the Forefront for Families

When it comes to planning for the future, few decisions are more important than creating a will. Making sure that your wishes for yourself and your family are adequately represented is essential, both while you’re alive and after you’ve passed. It can be an emotionally difficult process, but with the help of a wills lawyer at our law firm, you can ensure that your estate is properly handled according to your desires.

Creating a will isn’t just about protecting yourself now; it’s also about making sure those closest to you have what they need when you’re gone. A skilled wills attorney at the Law Office of Erin Morse can offer guidance on how best to designate guardianships for minor children or vulnerable family members, ensuring their well-being as they transition into adulthood or when real-life circumstances arise.

This includes discussing special needs trusts, setting up funds and accounts dedicated solely to certain individuals or purposes, and creating educational savings plans. Call 407-743-6059 today to set up your initial consultation and discuss the will and testament process with you.

What is a Last Will and Testament?

A Last Will and Testament is a legal document created by an individual that details how they would like their assets, property, and possessions to be distributed upon death. It’s also sometimes referred to as a “will” or, simply put, a “testament.” The document outlines who will receive what assets, including the beneficiary designations of bank accounts, insurance policies, real estate holdings, and personal possessions. It can also designate who will be in charge of administering the will.

The purpose of a Last Will and Testament is to ensure that individuals can have control over how their possessions are distributed after death rather than having these decisions made by governing bodies or left up to chance. Through this document, an individual’s wishes for their estate are legally binding so long as they meet certain guidelines depending on where they live. This makes it necessary for many people to work with a qualified attorney when drafting their Will – otherwise, there is always a risk that something could go wrong during the probate process down the line.

What Other Types of Wills Are There?

Though Last Will and Testament is the most familiar kind of will, there are several other types as well. These different types of wills are meant to accommodate various situations, so it’s crucial to know about all your options when making an estate plan.

Simple Will or Testamentary Will

This can be used by anyone who needs a straightforward way to transfer property after they die. A Simple Will typically only names one or two heirs and divides the estate between them according to the testator’s wishes. It may also name an executor who will oversee its execution upon death.

Pour-Over Will

With this option, assets from other accounts and trusts can be “poured over” into the trust set up by the will at the time of death. This can help minimize estate tax costs while ensuring that all assets are distributed according to its provisions upon death.

Living Will or Advance Directive

Allows you to provide direction if you become incapacitated due to injury or illness and cannot make decisions for yourself. This document outlines your wishes regarding medical treatments, end-of-life decisions, and more so that loved ones don’t have to guess what you would have wanted in such situations.

Can I Make Changes to a Will After I Make One?

Our law firm can help you determine if any changes need to be made, both big and small. This could include adding or removing beneficiaries, leaving different amounts of assets or financial accounts, or even changing the executor of the will. No matter how many (or few) changes need to be made, an experienced lawyer can guide you through the process. It’s important that any legal documents pertaining to estate planning are kept up-to-date with current affairs and life events in order for them to remain legally binding and enforceable after death.

When making changes to a will, certain laws must be followed in order for it to remain valid. That’s where our team comes in. We’ll make sure any modifications are done properly to solidify your estate for years to come.

Why Should I Hire a Wills Lawyer in Orlando?

At the Law Office of Erin Morse, experienced attorneys provide comprehensive legal advice about how to structure your will. Our team takes into account financial assets, liabilities, debts, taxes, and even minor details, such as who gets your pet when you’re gone. In addition to ensuring that all of the paperwork is accurate and legally binding, we stay up-to-date on changes to state laws governing inheritance so we can advise you on the best course of action for your particular situation.

Our law firm strives to provide personalized services tailored to each client’s individual needs. Our understanding approach takes into account the emotional impact involved when writing one’s last will and testament, as well as providing guidance when making decisions that affect loved ones after death.

No one likes thinking about their own mortality – but having a comprehensive will in place ensures that your loved ones remain secure and taken care of once you’re gone. With a knowledgeable law firm at your side, this process doesn’t have to be as emotionally draining as it may initially seem. Instead of worrying about the future of your estate alone, contact us today at 407-743-6059, and you can rest assured knowing that an experienced professional is taking care of everything necessary to make sure your estate is protected moving forward.