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How Divorced Parents Handle Childrens College Expenses?

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If you’re wondering if you’re legally obligated to pay for your child’s tuition fees for college, the answer to that actually depends on a number of reasons. In most states in the United States, parents of the child aren’t typically obligated to pay for their child’s tuition. However, there are multiple divorcing parents that have considered reaching an agreement on how much each of them will contribute to the college tuition and expenses of the child. If parents aren’t able to come to a decision, in some states, the court allows the order of a non-custodial parent to make a contribution in the college payment of the child. However, in other states, the laws prevent the judge from ordering the parents to pay for the child’s college. This, however, applies only to parents who haven’t had a previous agreement on the payment.

When it comes to the contribution of funds for the child’s college, generally, the non-custodial parent has more responsibilities towards that matter. However, a judge will try to make sure that the custody situations that are complex don’t end up in one parent overbearing a higher amount in the child’s bill for their education.

Specifically, in these cases of determining the tuition fee payment by parents, the courts will weigh several factors to identify which parent, either one or both, should pay for college and how much. A few of the factors that are considered to determine the payment include:

  • The financial situation of each parent.
  • The level of education after high-school.
  • Whether the parent would require the child to attend college if they were still married.
  • The academic achievements of the child.
  • The academic goals the child may have to finish college.
  • The assets and debts of both parents.
  • Whether the child is eligible for scholarships.
  • The child’s ability to earn while in college.

Depending on the state laws the family resides in, the judge might depict some factors over others depending on what is an appropriate support award financially for the college education. If you don’t want to leave things in the air and want to ensure your child receives the right amount of financial support for their education, it is essential to contact one of the best child support lawyers in Orlando FL. That way you can draw up a valid support agreement.

Voluntary support agreement:

Voluntary college support agreements can be identified as contracts that describe the responsibility of each parent’s costs for their child’s college finances. Even for states that don’t order the payment of college expenses by parents, the court will be able to honor the payment of the parents through a support agreement. The agreement is typically used to describe the following elements to be enforceable:

  • Description on the type of college that the child will be attending.
  • The description of the expenses that would need to be covered.
  • The way the payments will be made.
  • The responsibility of certain expenses that the child will have.
  • Where the child will stay during college.
  • The conditions that the child is required to pass before continuing to college.

A substantial amount of thought should go into the determination of how the child would receive his support. You can alleviate some of the stress by contacting a competent attorney to handle your case. If you’re looking for the best child support attorney in Orlando, contact The Law Office of Erin Morse now. Here at our firm, we guarantee that our clients receive the best services and results in town. Contact our firm now for a consultation.

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