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How To Protect Yourself Online Divorce And Social Media?

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When spouses have come to the conclusion that their marriage just isn’t worth saving anymore, their only option may be divorce. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for the situation between two people once very much in love who vowed to share their lives to become ugly. However, even if there seems to be an amicable split, social media use is something that can lead to problems. It’s important to be wise about websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others during an Orlando divorce.

Avoid Posting Certain Things During a Divorce

Of course, there are always hurt feelings and feelings of resentment when people are going through a divorce. It may be one’s first instinct to simply vent away on social media about how they truly feel and to trash their ex, but this can land a person in hot water. In general, nobody wants to post their entire life on their Facebook page, but it can result in big trouble once they appear in the family law court for an Orlando divorce.

If the couple has children, especially if they are minors, it’s important they take care regarding what they post. Posting stories and images that boast a newly single status, such as bar-hopping or partying, can result in the individual being perceived as an unfit parent. That can lead to a custody battle with their former spouse during the divorce proceedings.

An Orlando divorce attorney would also advise against sharing stories and photos of new, extravagant purchases the individual has made during this time. It is advised they refrain from posting images of a brand new car, home or vacation. Even if the person mentions buying that brand new $1,000 iPhone, it can be poorly perceived as splurging and bragging about it on social media.

Additionally, if the person has a new love interest, they will naturally want to post pictures of them. If they do that, it’s important they ensure to keep the pictures private. However, it’s equally important to keep in mind that if they share mutual friends with their former spouse on the social media platform, it’s possible for those people to talk. Another option is to wait until the divorce is final before posting such pictures. A family law attorney representing the individual’s spouse might misconstrue things and paint the person in an adulterous light during the divorce proceedings.

Other Risks to Keep in Mind

If the person is like many people, they might have even shared your online and other passwords with their spouse. This is very common and can show a significant other that there is a wholehearted amount of trust. However, if a marriage is ending in divorce, it can make for a sticky situation. A person’s ex can log into their social media and other accounts when they don’t want them to. While people are going through an Orlando divorce, it can lead to a number of problems as there is plenty of anger and hurt feelings. If a former spouse changes a password, it can really wreak havoc. Once the couple is officially going through with dissolving their marriage, it’s wise should change all passwords. It might be a pain, but it’s for safety’s sake.

Family law can be a complex and emotional subject. If you have any concerns or questions about your social media usage during the course of your divorce, the best thing to do is speak with your Orlando divorce attorney. A family law attorney can provide you with essential guidance about how you should conduct yourself both online and in person to make your divorce as smooth as possible.

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