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Tyrone C.

I recently retained the services of the Law Firm of Erin Morse. From the very beginning I was very please with the level of support I received from everyone I had contact with. I had the pleasure of consulting with attorney Carlos Otero. Mr. Otero demonstrated exceptional knowledge in the areas of my concern. He listen to everything I had to say with great patient. At no time was I pressured to retain there services, however without much thought I did retained there services. After a long weekend, I was able to give my situation more thought and decided that there services was not needed at this time. I notified the law firm that following Monday and told them, I changed my mine regarding needing there services. I was concerned that I may be at a lost of my retainer fee. Nevertheless, they understood my situation and quickly started the process of returning my money. I will highly recommend this law firm to friends and family.
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