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Going through a divorce can sometimes leave you feeling completely disoriented. Your lawyer and the opposing lawyer might be throwing around different terminology that you’ve never even heard of. Divorce can be incredibly stressful especially if you’re going through it alone.

So how can you be so sure you’ve chosen the right lawyer to handle your case?

The following can be a few things to consider in making sure that your case is going well and is being handled well by your lawyer.

  • The timeline of the case.
  • In its primary form, a divorce proceeding goes through a series of predetermined events. Although there may be some variation depending on the state, the typical sequence of activities include:
  • A spouse files for divorce.
  • The other party receives a period of time to respond to the petition for divorce. (This is usually a period of 30 days.)
  • The court orders a period of “discovery” where the spouses exchange information which includes financial documentation that relates to the case. (The discovery period is approximately from 60-90 days).
  • The court orders a conference for settlement at the end of the discovery period.
  • There could be a possibility of mediation. This could be an attempt to resolve the financial aspects of the case. It is typically done if the settlement conference is unsuccessful.
  • The divorce trial takes place if both spouses are unable to resolve their issues.

If your case is going along the lines of these proceedings, you’re probably on track.

  • Communication with the attorney.

Lawyers and clients need to maintain a proper communication process among them. While this may seem obvious, there are multiple cases where there is a lack of communication between attorneys and clients. This is one of the most common complaints that divorcing spouses generally have. It is essential to keep in mind that there are some instances where nothing happens in a case. However, if months go by, contacting your lawyer and finding out what’s going on is essential to be up-to-date. If you find that your lawyer is making critical decisions without consulting you, you may need to put a stop to that and go a different direction with a different lawyer.

• Are you satisfied with the results?

There are times when some things may not go according to plan, even if your lawyer is doing his best. However, in instances such as losing motions or hearings because your lawyer is always late in filing papers or attending meetings, you may need to stop your current lawyer and look for one that’s competent enough to handle your case efficiently.

However, it is hard to expect that, one should come out of a divorce with everything they want. It’s only normal. What you should strive for, however, is a fair result. An experienced and competent family lawyer can help you achieve that.

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