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The Effects Of Divorce On The Children

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Running two separate homes is far more difficult than running one. This typically means that there is overall less money to go around after a divorce happens. After a divorce, the courts normally order spousal support to help the more financially unable spouse retain a similar standard of living as compared to the lifestyle experienced during the marriage. However, there are certain instances where a spouse may have lost a high-paying job. In these cases, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse may have to experience a completely different lifestyle after the marriage.

Typically, as part of the divorce case, the judge may require both spouses to file financial declarations which support the different sources of income and other expenses. The judge would then base the alimony payments and child support payments based on the financial situation of both parents. The divorce process may sometimes make things a little more difficult to handle in the start. However, you and your children may come to adjust over time.

Both parents normally have an ongoing duty to support their children in every possible way. During and after the divorce process, the support order issued by the courts may include who is responsible for covering a child’s extra-curricular activities. If the order doesn’t include it, the child’s additional expenses may depend on the laws of the state.

In certain instances, if finances get really tight, the child may have to give up certain extra-curricular activities such as ballet lessons. While this may be difficult to understand from the child’s perspective, the child would grow to understand the situation over time. Finances can become a significant problem after a divorce, for that reason it is essential to have a competent child support attorney Orlando FL available by your side to make sure finances are in order. If a properly discussed financial situation is in order, both parents can divide the extra-curricular expenses among each other. That way the child can experience a financially stable life while maintaining his/her routine activities.

If a parent loses his/her job it may affect child support payments. If this happens, the child would be affected financially. Child support is intended to cover the basic costs of a child. That means clothes, food, and otherwise basic care. If you’re on the custodial side of the divorce, without the child support payments, it may be difficult to make ends meet if the child support payments decrease over time.

In certain situations, the court can impute income. This is if the parent making the child support payments loses his/her job or has taken on a lower paying job. When a judge imputes income, the court begins to base the child support payments on what the parent should be earing than what he or she earns in reality. This can also help limit the financial impact that the divorce may have on the children.

Paying child support can be tough, but not receiving enough child support payments can be even harder. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t have to go through it alone. That’s what we at The Law Office of Erin Morse are here for. We are one of the best Family Law Firms in the city of Orlando. We guarantee all our clients that they will be provided with the best legal services through a group of skilled and experienced attorneys from the start through the end of their cases. If that’s what you’re looking for, contact our firm now, for a consultation!

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