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Is your situation related to a pending divorce, property division, or child custody/support issues? Maybe you’re struggling with a situation where you’re entirely alienated as a father. These aren’t simple issues and are serious enough to distress a father emotional and financially. Unfortunately, it has been identified that although the law states their system plays fair, the legal system actually seems to add more stress to a divorce. Fathers experience this all around the country as the courts generally lean in favor towards the mother by default. For this reason, it is vital to understand that without having a proper tactical approach for all the legal procedures involving the child, the case could be in a fathers disadvantage from the start.

Issuing father’s rights state that maybe not every father deserves legal custody for their child, but every father surely should have an equal right to custody. Over the past few years, the opportunities of parenting for fathers have increased, and more mothers are found entering the workforce.

As a father, developing a strategy of looking into the needs of himself and the child is essential to ensure the stressful and challenging situation can be dealt with adequately. In order to do so, the first step should be to do so thorough research and seek an affordable and one of the best attorneys possible.

The benefit of child support related payments is that the court can change support payments at any time. However, any modifications would have to be submitted to a judge. If both spouses of the marriage agree on a particular change, then the process becomes quite simple. If there isn’t an agreement, the family law attorney Orlando Florida appointed by the individual would submit a request for a hearing. This would contribute to somewhat of a second chance for a father to be able to gain his parental rights for his child/children.

In some instances, a permanent change in the child support is typically considered when the source of income changes because of remarriage, or either parent has a change in the job which would affect the ability of child payments. This could be because the child may have different needs than the originally contemplated needs when the initial amount was set.

All in all, the entire child custody, child visitation, and child support procedure can be narrowed down to looking at one simple factor – The best interest of the child.
For a parent to be able to pay child support and the other to be able to support the child because of full custody, can be difficult. Hiring an efficient family lawyer would be able to help the party figure out the options and what to do. It is very common for people who have a battle with child support and custody options. Hiring a lawyer that is experienced in child support and Family Law would help both parties of the situation navigate and streamline all legal processes.

The Law Office of Erin Morse is a Family Law Firm based and located in Orlando Florida. At the Erin Morse Law firm, we specialize in:

  • Child support.
  • Child custody.
  • Divorce.
  • Alimony.
  • Paternity.

And many other related Family Law areas.
Our Firm ensures skilled, determined, and experienced lawyers would take on your case while making sure it goes in the right path for each client’s contentment.

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