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Crucial Mistakes To Avoid During Divorce

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You may find the divorce process to be very complicated and costly unless you have experience dealing with the legal system. At Law Office of Erin Morse, we serve as your advocates, walking you through every step of the Florida divorce process and helping you understand your options and potential outcomes of your divorce case. We would like to share with you five common legal mistakes.

Five Common Legal Mistakes Made in Divorce

  • Allowing your emotions to get the best of you.

Don’t let your emotions take control of your divorce. Be proactive rather than reactive during your divorce. You will risk sabotaging your case if you are too anxious, jump to conclusions, or don’t think things through during divorce proceedings.

  • Forgetting facts, details, and documents.

In a divorce case, preparing a timeline is crucial for both you and your attorney. A timeline provides evidence and reliable documentation of every detail and fact. This will help your case rather than hinder it.

  • Withholding information from your attorney.

Some people don’t trust their attorney, even though they’re there to represent you and have your best interests in mind. When you meet with an attorney, see if they can fully answer your questions and you feel comfortable working with them. After all, they’re going to be with you every step of your legal journey. If you want your attorney to do a great job, you need to be transparent and tell them everything.

  • Being your attorney’s worst enemy and hindering your case.

If you start pestering your attorney and contacting them multiple times a day, you will hinder your case and alienate the one person who is there to help you. Be proactive by asking your attorney how you can best help them.

  • Having unrealistic expectations.

Many people believe that if they are the victim of their divorce that they deserve everything and their ex deserves nothing at all … that’s just not the case. When children, assets, finances, and property are in dispute, demands must be made in a reasonable manner. Remember, Florida is an equitable division state, and marital property is divided fairly to both parties, not just one.

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