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Dissolution of marriage, also known as divorce, can be deemed as the end of a marriage where legal duties and marital responsibilities are terminated. This dissolves the marriage between two married people under the particular law of the specific state or country that the couple resides in.

When a married couple decides to dissolve their marriage, this is never a pleasant experience. When contemplating the procedures of divorce, it is essential to consider the consequences of this process. Divorce is not something that affects merely two people. When a divorce takes place, children and relevant family members can also be affected by this process.
There are multiple factors to be considered and many decisions to be made regarding the child custody, child support, alimony, and even the type of divorce.

Generally, divorce can be broadly classified into two types. This includes:

Contested Divorce

This is where disputes between spouses require the court’s involvement. Certain terms between both parties are disagreed upon, and the final agreement is placed in the hands of the court. In such situations, a lawyer is required to represent the contestant’s case.

Uncontested Divorce

This is where the spouses involved have cleared all matters relevant to the divorce between themselves. It can be identified as a mutual agreement between both spouses. Through this procedure, the court doesn’t have to resolve any disagreements. However, even for an uncontested divorce, a lawyer’s professional services are required for the divorce procedure to be followed correctly and ethically.

When having to face a divorce, it can be stated as a challenging and stressful situation. Individuals need to make it a point to avoid unfavorable circumstances by appointing an experienced lawyer.

Law Office of Erin Morse has a reputation for providing incredibly efficient services by offering the best divorce lawyers in Orlando, Florida. Erin Morse possesses a set of competent staff members and with the help of her team, guaranteed efficiency is provided to each client and their legal matter.

The Family Law Matters that are handled at Law Office of Erin Morse include:

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  • review rating 5  So grateful to Erin and her team. I had a complex custody case and it was IMPERATIVE that I chose the right attorney as it was my child’s best interest at stake, and all my chips would be going into it. After researching for weeks, reading reviews on different sites etc I met with Erin 3 DAYS before my court date. After our initial meeting and speaking with Erin, I was much more confident that I had a chance at getting a just outcome as the other party’s attorney was slandering me in initial petition, and felt that it would be an uphill battle. Erin is first and foremost Knowledgeable about the law she practices which I think was the real key to getting the outcome we needed. She was aggressive, confident, strategical, and upfront with me throughout the whole process. At the court proceedings she was an all-star and I couldn’t be happier with her services. Highly recommend to anyone with custody case. THANKS AGAIN MORSE TEAM!

    thumb Henry Jimenez
  • review rating 5  I am so thankful I switched my representation to Erin. She listens to me and she fights for me. You will NOT be disappointed in her. I continue to be so impressed at how she quickly handles my hearings and issues that arise. I can’t say enough good things about her and her staff.

    thumb Becky Katterfield
  • review rating 5  Normally people come to websites to read biographies, to get information and read reviews on the attorney they are interested in. Erin is highly recommended, knowledgeable and thorough. I have no complaints on Erin and her staff. Being that I have never dealt with any type of situation that would call for counsel, I require a lot of attention, and I have received nothing less. Erin is very serious and straight to the point. When Erin is on your side, there is no room for mistakes or worry. Erin is amazing and I could not ask for a better attorney! If you want someone who is compassionate about her job, someone who is understanding and knows their job, dial the number listed!

    thumb Brittany Thorpe

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Looking for a competent divorce attorney in Orlando, Florida? You have come to the right place.

When handling something as critical as a divorce procedure, the various vital decisions that need to be made may seem endless. The urgency of leaving a marriage with factors such as the presence of children, assets, debts to be divided, and family involved, lies in the presence of the efficiency of your attorney. Because of this, each party should make it a point to follow specific guidelines before employing a divorce attorney. These guidelines should be performed before selecting your established divorce attorney in Orlando, Florida.

The factors to consider for this include:

Client Testimonials

The best way to make a thorough analysis of an Orlando divorce attorney is by analyzing a review of past experiences clients have had with that attorney.

Attorney charges

When considering an attorney, it is essential to know if he/she is affordable for the client. An affordable divorce attorney in Orlando may seem like a longshot; however, Law Office of Erin Morse provides an adequate fee for their services and offers free consultations.

Experience of the Attorney

Since divorce is already a difficult time for the individual, why make it worse with an inexperienced lawyer for support? An experienced divorce attorney will know the expectations of judges for the jurisdiction. This would benefit the client by the attorney being able to use this information to their advantage.

Client communication with the attorney

Unhappy client’s main issues relate to poor communication with their attorneys.
It is incredibly necessary to ensure that your attorney is accessible, prompt in responses and are able to communicate the facts to the client, properly. Identifying the best Orlando divorce attorney depends on how well communications with clients go.

Erin E. Morse is an exclusive attorney specialized in Divorce and Family Law. While working under the tutelage of a distinguished Winter Park Divorce attorney, Erin then acquired her skills, knowledge and developed her expertise to ensure passion for helping families through their most difficult times. Erin’s passion only grows with her practices through the representation of clients. Through identifying the best resolutions for each unique case, clients have listed Erin as the best divorce attorney in Orlando, Florida.

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When searching for an Orlando Divorce Lawyer, it is true that a variety of lawyers may exist for this practicing field. Many different law firms claim exceptional competence, engaging and affordable divorce lawyers in Orlando. But how many of the so-called “best Orlando divorce lawyers” can ensure that these statements are of truthful nature? Individuals requiring a divorce lawyer needs to consider that there are factors to be regarded besides an affordable divorce lawyers. It is not suggested that clients always look for low priced lawyers, and also consider that not always higher priced lawyers mean better services.

Law Office of Erin Morse ensures their potential clients that there would be significant deep personal involvement in the particular client’s case. Therefore it can be guaranteed that clients receive the expert legal counseling required. If you make a decision to go through your divorce with our firm, our team will strive to fight the case until the end. Law Office of Erin Morse also offers the benefit of an initial free consultation through the first visit to our office. 

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