Men’s Divorce Law Firm Orlando, FL.

For men, divorce can be incredibly difficult. Especially considering the numerous challenges faced by dads after a divorce procedure. To get back on track could be a tough process, to say the least.

So are there divorce attorneys specifically present to represent men, and is there a difference?

As a male in the relationship, you may be seeking to part ways with your spouse and may be tempted to search for attorneys for men in a divorce only. So, the answer to that question is, yes.
There are some divorce attorneys who focus on the representation of only men.

The reality of the situation is that multiple experienced lawyers would be ready, willing, and capable of representing either gender of a divorce without favoritism.
However, it is important for both spouses in a marriage to remember that they should always go with an attorney who they have the most confidence in, an attorney whom they would feel most comfortable with.

A competent lawyer would come in all shapes, sizes, genders, races, religions, etc. What’s essential to remember is that those factors have nothing to do with the ability of the lawyer.

But a number of attorneys for divorce exist that only choose to serve men in a divorce case. A study was conducted stating that fathers/husbands are more likely than mothers/wives to suffer bias in the family courts.

Unfortunately, the study showed that 85% of mothers were awarded custody of their children in a court case. Women were found to win full custody of children four times more than men were.

With that kept in mind, multiple law firms started targeting their services towards men and began proliferating around the nation. Currently available is at least one firm in a major city for a devoted representation of men in a divorce case.

However, most well-established law firms don’t make any mention of the trend in hiring attorneys specifically for men. The main objective overall is to focus on hiring attorneys and lawyers based on each client’s needs. What is considered is the connection each client would have with a skilled attorney and the lawyer’s experience in his field of family law.

Among comfort and experience, the most important attributes your lawyers should possess when taking your case should be that:

• You and your lawyer have the same goals in mind and can work well with each other.
• You can comprehend your lawyer and would be able to follow all the procedures discussed.
• You are comfortable with the style that your lawyer is working in.
• You have a vivid picture in mind of the expected time and when you can expect major developments and changes.
• You’re aware of the timings you and your lawyer would make to contact each other.

Keeping in mind that your life would be very different after a divorce, and the divorce proceeding itself is what would shape your future, seeking a well-established divorce law firm Orlando, FL should be your number one priority. Finding an attorney who would help you get through the process and give you the right amount of guidance would improve your case significantly.

The Erin Morse Law firm is a Family Law Firm based in Orlando, Florida. Here at our firm, looking for the best interest of each client is our primary goal, regardless of gender. Each client would be provided with a lawyer that is skilled, empathetic, and determined in ensuring your case goes in the right direction.