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Legal Secretary Emma Ziulkowski


Emma Ziulkowski


Legal Secretary


Orlando, FL



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Emma is one of the newest employees to join The Law Office of Erin Morse or our Orlando Divorce Firm.  Emma was born and raised right here in Orlando, FL.  She graduated from Lake Howell High school and continued her education at University of Central Florida, where she received her bachelor’s in science.  For as long as she can remember, she has aspired to become an attorney, currently she has plans to continue to law school to and become a Family Law Attorney with The Law Office of Erin Morse. 

Emma joined our team in October of 2018, she quickly fell in love with the family law field after helping our clients on a daily basis to find their new normal.  Anyone who comes in our office is bound to see the rewarding nature of the work we do, just as Emma has.  Emma’s dedication and determination to learn everything she can to be able to assist in providing great representation for our clients has really shined through.

Emma has grown up extremely close to her family, especially while helping to care for her brother, this has instilled so many amazing qualities that our clients are lucky enough to benefit from.  She has shown her to be someone our clients can count on while they are navigating the road to their new normal.  

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