Attorney-Client Privilege & Family Law

What exactly is this attorney-client privilege and what privileges does it include? Most of us, sadly, do not know the scope and depth of the answer to this question. Resulting in us doubting its use in many crucial situations and even taking it for granted at times. Attorney-client privilege entails the opportunity for you to disclose anything and everything related to the case to your lawyer. It gives you the confidence that the secrets that you put out there to your lawyer remain as secrets.

It is true that even this so-called “privilege” does have its own limitations. But these limitations are more or less involved with cases revolving around crime and fraud. These are not necessarily typical aspects of a family law case involving divorce and child custody and support. Therefore, you can expect the limitations of this attorney-client privilege to not apply in your case. Child Support Lawyers In Orlando FL are not given the right to disclose your confidential information or testify against you.

You need to make use of this attorney-client privilege to your benefit. Disclosing all necessary information to your attorney is essential. That is so for your own benefit. Your lawyer will do anything and everything in their power to protect yours and your children’s rights. So it must be in your best interests to provide them with any details that can help them do that.

Moreover, it is not just your lawyer pursuing to protect your rights. Even your ex-spouse has their own lawyer pursuing every possible action to protect their client’s rights. So your lawyer must have all cards on their side to be able to use when needed to defend yours. So decide now, to place your trust in your lawyer right away. What use of a lawyer if you can’t trust him?

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