Question: My ex-husband refuses to put the vehicle he was awarded from our divorce in his name?


The best thing to do in this scenario would be to file a motion for enforcement requiring that either the vehicle be sold or the title be transferred.

Attorney E. Morse

Question: What to do if my kid doesn’t want to do overnight visits or phone calls with the other parent?


The advice to this situation depends heavily on whether or not you have a Court order directing timesharing, as you do not want to be in violation of a Court Order. But if it remains to be an issue you can ask the Court to modify the timesharing and share the issues. You can ask that your child and their parent to attend reunification therapy in order to determine the best mode for reunification and to allow your child some say and a safe space to discuss their concerns directly with the other parent. If the issues are really egregious, a more aggressive approach can be taken in asking for a Guardian ad Litem to advocate for the child or for a Social Investigation if you believe one is necessary.

Attorney Erin E. Morse

Question: Can I change my children’s last names to be hyphenated during divorce? Answer: You could ask for this relief in the Divorce. It would be the Court who would make a best interest analysis if this is in the best interest of the minor children. It happens frequently in Paternity cases if the child […]