Who Gets Custody?

That is a question that every parent involved in a divorce or separation ponders 24/7. Your kids have been the most important part of your life for quite some time. The mere thought of not being able to be with them as before might scare you to death. But your Child Custody Lawyers in Orlando can help you get the best response favorable to you and your kids.

Every attribute of your life is bound to change at least in the slightest manner after your divorce. Even spending time with your kids and being responsible for their major life decisions are parts of those attributes. It is best for both parents to be involved in the children’s lives in an equal manner, unless the situation calls for the opposite. A Child Custody Lawyer can help you figure out the best possible parenting plan for you and your kids.

In most cases, matters can be settled during mediation. But if a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached during negotiations, going to trial is necessary. Here, your Child Custody Lawyer will be your representative in court.

Your lawyer plays a significant role in getting you the favorable response that you seek in these dilemmas. Choose to obtain the legal counsel that can help you make the right decisions in these problematic emotionally-challenging times. While being sensitive to your needs, your lawyer must also be competitive in court if it comes to that. We, at Erin Morse Law Firm, with our expertise and experience, take every effort to provide you the best service in town. Call our Office to get the legal assistance that you need for your case!

Attorney-Client Privilege & Family Law

What exactly is this attorney-client privilege and what privileges does it include? Most of us, sadly, do not know the scope and depth of the answer to this question. Resulting in us doubting its use in many crucial situations and even taking it for granted at times. Attorney-client privilege entails the opportunity for you to disclose anything and everything related to the case to your lawyer. It gives you the confidence that the secrets that you put out there to your lawyer remain as secrets.

It is true that even this so-called “privilege” does have its own limitations. But these limitations are more or less involved with cases revolving around crime and fraud. These are not necessarily typical aspects of a family law case involving divorce and child custody and support. Therefore, you can expect the limitations of this attorney-client privilege to not apply in your case. Child Support Lawyers In Orlando FL are not given the right to disclose your confidential information or testify against you.

You need to make use of this attorney-client privilege to your benefit. Disclosing all necessary information to your attorney is essential. That is so for your own benefit. Your lawyer will do anything and everything in their power to protect yours and your children’s rights. So it must be in your best interests to provide them with any details that can help them do that.

Moreover, it is not just your lawyer pursuing to protect your rights. Even your ex-spouse has their own lawyer pursuing every possible action to protect their client’s rights. So your lawyer must have all cards on their side to be able to use when needed to defend yours. So decide now, to place your trust in your lawyer right away. What use of a lawyer if you can’t trust him?

Looking for Child Support Lawyers In Orlando FL to help you with your issues? We, at Erin Morse Law Firm, will be more than happy to help you with the most professional services in town. Call our Office to make an appointment.

Unmarried Fathers’ Rights

Today marriage is not thought of the same way as it was back in the day. Many couples choose to have children without tying the knot first. This personal choice is all and well till the relationship goes awry. It is more so for fathers.

In the case of a child born inside marriage, the mother’s husband is automatically given rights. But when marriage is not part of the picture, complications arise if a separation ever comes into play. While the romantic relationship between the parents remains as it is even outside marriage, child custody is not an issue. But if the union starts to fall apart, problems begin to arise.

First of all, having the father’s name on the birth certificate of the child does not automatically give him rights. This means that in Florida, the mother can get sole custody if the parents decide to part ways. That can result in many fathers losing contact with their children. But there are ways that you can protect your rights as the child’s father if it ever comes to that.

First, make sure that your name is there on the child’s birth certificate. And also, make sure that you and the mother both sign an affidavit acknowledging your paternity. This can help you go a long way. Make sure that you play an active role in your child’s upbringing. These are but only a few of the steps to be taken. Contact your Orlando Child Custody Attorney to find out what more can be done and needs to be done.

When it comes to defending yours and your child’s rights, you need an experienced Child Custody Attorney. We at Erin Morse Law Firm make sure you get the best legal counsel in town. We work our best to protect yours and your child’s rights during these difficult times. Contact us and make an appointment for further details.

The Basics of Alimony in Orlando

Alimony is a sum paid by one ex-spouse to another to make up for the financial disparities. This spousal support is to help bridge the financial unevenness between ex-spouses that might result from a divorce.

Traditionally, one spouse would put the family ahead of their career and professional development thus devoting their life to the family’s upbringing and development. That impedes their professional development causing financial problems for that spouse in the case of a divorce. To help make up for these discrepancies, alimony or spousal support has come into play. The other spouse who got the chance to build up their career and profession along the way will pay alimony.

This alimony is paid to the spouse in consideration only as long as it is necessary. That is till that spouse obtains sufficient skills and training to become financially independent or till the recipient spouse remarries. In either of the above case, alimony will be terminated.

Some factors that are considered when deciding on the amount of spousal support are as follows.

  1. Length of the marriage
  2. Time needed to gain sufficient skills and training to become self-sufficient
  3. Physical and emotional conditions of the spouses
  4. The standard of living prior to divorce during the marriage
  5. The financial ability of the payer spouse to pay alimony to the payee spouse

Your Divorce Lawyer in Orlando will tell you that alimony can be paid/received as a lump sum or monthly payments. The spouses can decide on this payment method as is suitable for them.

Your Divorce Lawyer will play a major role in determining the outcome of your divorce. Make sure that you possess the legal assistance required to protect your rights along the way. We, at Erin Morse Law Firm Orlando, holds the best title in the market when it comes to handling family law cases. Call our office to set up an appointment to discuss your case.