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9 Very Important Things to Know About Divorce in Florida

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There are many different and important things to know about divorce in Florida. If you want to learn more, you should click here. Studies have shown that 12.6% of married couples in Florida will wind up getting divorced. If you find yourself…

How Will a Judge Decide Who Gets Child Custody in Florida?

If you are looking to learn more about child custody cases in Florida, you should click here for information on how a judge will decide who gets custody. Divorce and child custody are ranked very high on the Holmes and Rahe Life Change Stress…
Alimony in Orlando, a brief overview

Divorce Attorney: Why Hiring One Is Well Worth It You might assume that hiring a divorce attorney isn't a necessary step if you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce. Many people assume they can handle all the detail and the paperwork, especially…

Don't Say Goodbye: 10 Serious Signs You Need a Child Custody Lawyer

Do you plan on getting separated from your partner and want to keep your kid at all costs? Here are 10 serious signs you need a child custody lawyer. Child custody matters can get messy. You both have a vested interest in raising your child,…

Get What You're Due: Why Hiring a Divorce Attorney Is Worth It

Are you about to go through a divorce and want to get everything you're entitled to? Here's why you should invest in a divorce attorney. Have you and your spouse decided to end your marriage? Are you wondering what the next steps are and…
What Happens When Your Spouse Won't Sign The Divorce Papers
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Alimony in Orlando, a brief overview